Government’s first and most important duty is to protect the public.

That’s why I prioritize public safety spending in all budget discussions.

I fully support the 3-Strikes Law, and I vehemently oppose Proposition 47.

Government’s core responsibility is to provide for the safety of it’s citizenry. Reducing the punishments for possession of date-rape drugs and theft of firearms is not a step in the right direction.

As a mother of five, I would be far more comfortable if our sentencing would end the revolving door at our prisons and jails. I will continue to fight to close these loopholes to protect local families.

I also support a one-strike law for sexually violent crimes and for sexual offenses committed against a minor. That is why I have vigorously fought provisions in Prop. 47 that reduce penalties for possession of date rape drugs and for theft of firearms.

The state of California has not invested in prison capacity in more than 20 years. Other states have put up canvas tents with fortified prison fences to remedy this problem. If our men and women in uniform can live in canvass tents in desert battlefields, then so too can prisoners who have committed crimes against society.